Craig Yarde
Head Coach and Founder
Craig Yarde founded Yarde Metals Inc. in 1976 when he established a small office in the basement of his home in Bristol, CT and began brokering metal over the phone with $1000 from the sale of his motorcycle! The phones seldom rang and were usually answered by his wife or his three-year-old daughter. Metal orders were picked up and delivered by family members in his station wagon. Craig partnered with his brother, Bruce Yarde, the following year and moved into a small rented factory on South Street in Bristol, CT. In 1986, Yarde Metals moved to an 85,000 square-foot facility to accommodate the growing product line, services and sales. The company quickly outgrew this space and moved to a completely renovated state-of-the-art 500,000 square-foot facility in Southington, CT in June of 2003.
From his modest $1,000 investment, Craig built a company with the help of 600 Associate “Owners” to a $600 million business. Craig credits his management style – now known as the YardeZone  ™ – for building a revenue-building machine that  every Yarde Associate had a stake in creating…and every Yarde Associate continues to build the business every day!
Yarde Metals’ corporate headquarters is more like a museum than a distribution warehouse and its unique style supports Craig's out-of-the-box business philosophy. Yarde Metals currently operates nine service centers in New York, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Florida, and sells metal throughout Europe and Asia.
Today, as a co-founder of YardeZone, Craig uses his knowledge and experience to help other companies achieve the success that he has known.

Paul Decelles
Coach and Partner 

Paul Decelles received his BA in English from Providence College and MBA with a concentration in management from the University of Rhode Island. He has held executive-level regional and national positions in management and training departments for privately held and multinational corporations including Nasco, Stuart Pharmaceuticals ICI Americas, ICI Pharma, Zeneca Pharmaceuticals and Astra-Zeneca.



Phyllis Rizy
Coach and Partner 
Phyllis Rizy received her BS in Nursing and a MS in Psychology from the University of Connecticut. She has held management positions in nursing as well as regional and national director-level positions in management and training departments for multinational corporations including Stuart Pharmaceuticals, ICI Pharma and Zeneca Pharmaceuticals.
Together, Paul and Phyllis founded Decision Point LLC, a successful talent selection and talent development company. Since its inception in 1995, the company has grown due to important strategic partnerships with both Profiles international (an internationally recognized leader in developing validated personnel assessments) and Teleometrics International (an international management research and training development institution recognized for its work in validating the effectiveness of “Theory Y” management).
They successfully implemented their unique management program at Yarde Metals and, together with Craig Yarde, determined to bring it to companies seeking to dramatically change the way they do business.
Both Phyllis and Paul are certified management trainers, and certified in interpretive analysis of personnel assessments and perception gap surveys. Together they created The Four Piece Puzzle of Management, a comprehensive management training program that connects four distinct elements of management into a roadmap for success; and The Golden Triangle, an internationally recognized delivery process for leaders participating in a perception gap analysis, self-awareness analysis, and performance enhancement program.
Paul and Phyllis have conducted consulting and training programs for companies ranging from 50 to 65,000 employees and annual revenues for $5 million to several billion, including Hudson United Bank, Yarde Metals, Promold Plastics, Mohegan Sun, John Harland Co., ZC Sterling Insurance Corporation, MillsPride and KraftMaid Cabinetry, YellowBook, Rowe Furniture, Filomeno & Company, P.C., Ramdy Corporation, Bristol Hospital, and Gibbs Wire & Steel, City of Norwich CT.
Craig Yarde Craig@YardeZone.com
Paul Decelles Paul@YardeZone.com

Phyllis Rizy

Craig Yarde, Paul Decelles, and Phyllis Rizy, YardeZone’s principals, combine more than 75 years of consensus management and ownership experience, schooled in YardeZone philosophy and implementation. Their knowledge and expertise will help you identify what makes your business successful, and change the way your company works – fostering collaboration, shared responsibility, growth, and profitability.

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