YardeZone has been honored to work with some extraordinary companies, and we’re even more thrilled at the exceptional results they’ve achieved. Some examples:





Ramdy Corp is a Connecticut-based metal cutting machine manufacturer. Owners understood the YardeZone philosophy because the Company worked with Yarde Metals, and admired the YardeZone model. Ramdy came to YardeZone to improve internal and external interpersonal communication and employee morale.

“Our relationship with our customers has changed dramatically. Our whole outlook in how we do business and how we treat people has changed. The result is that everything’s on a more upbeat, more mature level. When YardeZone came they asked me who ran the business. I said ‘I do.’ They said, ‘Well, no you don’t, they do. Why don’t you treat them as such?’ That really started the ball rolling, and got me thinking about how the business really runs, and how to treat my employees differently, with more respect, and realize what they mean to the company. Now I have a whole different outlook. I enjoy coming to work. Everyone knows where they stand, everyone’s treated with respect. Don’t wait a minute, go hire them.”

– Alan Thornberg, President, Ramdy Corporation


Filomeno & Company, PC is a New England accounting firm. While pleased with their company’s model, they wanted management and employees to work as a more unified team.

“I can’t say enough good things about YardeZone. This is truly the best thing we’ve ever done. What’s really the most impressive, though, is the people, and the way they work with us. It’s hard work, but I have total confidence if we keep doing the right things, good things will happen. Everyone’s looking at the business now with the attitude of ‘what can we do to make things better … that’s what I want.’ And it may not be the way we did things before, with our top-down approach, but it’s the right way to do it.”

– Tom Filomeno, President, Filomeno & Company, PC


Yarde Metals is the Southington, CT-based firm where it all began, when Craig Yarde, the firm’s owner, pioneered his out-of-the-box management philosophy that is behind Yarde Metals’ success… and forms the foundation for YardeZone’s groundbreaking work.

“There is such satisfaction in working for a company whose owners and managers encourage you to share your ideas. They make you feel part of the decision making process. This helps to keep people motivated, thinking and contributing to the success of the company.”

– Susan Kozikowski, Marketing Manager, Yarde Metals

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