Tools and Programs For Effective Leadership Modeling

Analysis Tools

Piece-Hire-People.gifYardeZone employs targeted scientific analysis to understand your managers’ behaviors and skills, using the Profile XT Analysis. We also measure the "connection" employees have to their company, using the nationally validated WorkPlace Engagement Survey. Next we give your leaders a true measure of their skills, and a map for success, using the CheckPoint 360 Perception Feedback Analysis. Occasionally, we'll perform additional scientific assessments, as needed. Next, we'll initiate individually paced, on-line training, via YardeZone’s Skill Builder Training Program, to help leaders and their direct reports perform at their best.  

Download a Sample Profile XT Interviewing Placement Report

Download a Sample WorkPlace Engagement Survey

Download a Sample Checkpoint 360 Perception Feedback Analysis Report

Ongoing Leadership and Management Training Programs

Piece---Build-a-Winning-Team.gifConcurrent with our analysis tools, YardeZone will implement on-site, in-person Performance Leadership and Models for Management training programs for your team.

Performance Leadership uses the TeleoMetrics-validated “Models for Management” and the “Four Piece Management Puzzle”Creating Structure, Providing Support, Developing Abilities, and Inspiring Commitment. This comprehensive program provides guidance and direction for your entire team – from the newest supervisor to the most seasoned executive. Because we have taken the time to get to know your managers, we tailor the program to their individual style and experience so we know it will be successful. As each “puzzle piece” is completed, new insights are revealed and your managers become great leaders.

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